Repitition / Component Manufacturing

IFS Manufacturing (IFM) is the manufacturing division of Industrial Fittings Sales Pty Ltd. In operation since 1991 IFM has grown from a division of 2 staff using Capstan and Ward turret lathes into a modern up to date CNC repetition manufacturing facility.

IFM purchased their first CNC lathe in 1998 and within 5 years, had completely retired all of the old style machine tools. IFM has since grown their machining capabilities to include 20+ CNC machines and the ability to work with various materials. We still have 2 of our old machine tools which are being restored as museum pieces to remind us where we have come from.

Manufacturing Capability

 About us

  •     200 tonne per annum raw material throughput.
  •     Approximately 2.5 million pieces per annum.
  •     Multiple material machining capabilities.


  •     CAD Drafting.


   CNC Lathes

  •     Doosan 280 CNC Lathe x 3
  •     Doosan 310NM CNC Lathe with live tooling x 1
  •     Doosan DC1 Gang CNC Lathe x 1
  •     Lico 42LNTS-S4 11 axis CNC Lathe x 1
  •     Macro 3000 CNC Lathe with robotic loading system x 1
  •     Okuma LCB15 CNC Lathe x 1
  •     Quick-Tech QT20S CNC Lathe x 1
  •     Quick-Tech QT42 CNC Lathe x 2
  •     RFM RSB32 Sliding Headstock CNC Lathe x 3
  •     Samsung Gang Tool CNC Lathe x 5
  •     Samsung PL160i CNC Lathe x 1
  •     Victor A26 85mm Boring capacity CNC Lathe x 1

    CNC Saws       

  •     Tiger 402 CNC Saw x 1
  •     Fong Ho THC-B90NC CNC Saw x 1

    Automated Process Machines

  •     Dyna-Flux Induction Soldering machine x 1
  •     TST Parts Washer x 1

    Manual Process machines

  •     Crimper x 1
  •     Drill Press x 1
  •     Hand Press x 1
  •     Lathe x 1
  •     Mill x 1